Keith Williams

Keith Williams

Elevator Mechanic

My Role at TEI

I'm a Service Mechanic and my route covers about 50 elevators on the East Side in Upper Midtown. When a customer places a service call, I analyze the presenting problem, determine the likely fix, and, when necessary, call in any help. I work a regular daytime shift, but TEI is a 24-hour business, so like other Mechanics, I take an overnight shift about once every two weeks.

What I'd like Customers to Know

When I'm answering a service call I want my customer to feel like the most important person in the world. When I walk in the building, I'm theirs. I listen carefully and stay in communication with them as long as I'm working on premises. I get to know my customers personally, and nothing is more important to me while I'm at work than having their elevators operating smoothly, reliably and safely.

Industry Affiliations, Accreditations, etc.

NYC Dept. of Buildings: Elevator Inspector license Certified Elevator Mechanic, International Union of Elevator Constructors