Paul Semder

Paul Semder

Adjuster, Modernization and Construction Department

My Role at TEI

I'm the person who gets a new elevator moving starting when it's just a platform in a shaft and we're powering up the controller for the first time. I'm also the one there at the end of a job, fine-tuning the finished elevator, checking all the wiring, testing all the controls and safety mechanisms, and preparing it for the City's inspection, which I also attend. As one of the Adjusters in my department, I visit most of our jobsites, meet most of our customers, and know personally nearly all the TEI mechanics and helpers who work on our construction and modernization projects. A lot of people's safety rides on my work, and I never forget that for a moment.

What I'd like Customers to Know

In addition to all the codes and specifications we're required to follow in constructing a new elevator and putting it in service, TEI has its own stringent quality control program to ensure customers enjoy years of safe, reliable performance and exceptional ride quality from their equipment.

Industry Affiliations, Accreditations, etc.

NYC Dept. of Buildings: Elevator Inspector License Member, International Union of Elevator Constructors Journeyman. International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers