Keith Nugent

Keith Nugent

Modernization Mechanic

My Role at TEI

I replace old elevators — removing the old cabs, cables, and controllers and then installing all new parts, components and electronics. I've worked in many of the city's best-known buildings. A project might involve replacing a single elevator or modernizing an entire bank of a half dozen cabs. Usually I work with just one Helper. In a complete modernization, we'll take out everything except the steel rails and the sling — the metal platform the car rides on — and then build up from there.

What I'd like Customers to Know

It takes a lot of experience to do this job right, since one day you're taking apart old, obsolete machinery and another you're installing some of the world's most advanced elevator equipment. The work's both complicated and potentially dangerous, so every project starts with reviewing the set procedures and safety rules and then, as we move through the job, making sure to follow them. Many TEI Mechanics have over 20 years on the job. Customers should find that comforting.

Industry Affiliations, Accreditations, etc.

Journeyman, International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Journeyman, International Union of Elevator Constructors