Our Services


For over two decades, TEI Group's Construction department has been installing elevators in the New York metropolitan market. Today, TEI Group is considered the preeminent knowledge base of elevator and escalator technologies. Discerning developers frequently consult TEI Group to find the right product for their building type, whether a small three stop hydraulic elevator or a 60+ story skyscraper, requiring 1,600 fpm capability with regenerative power, TEI Group has the design and installation experience. In fact, TEI Group is one of the few independents with the experience and technical capabilities to construct "green" technology solutions, including MRL systems and the latest PMAC technology.


Whether you're looking to increase up-time performance, passenger delivery efficiency, or migrate to a "green" technology solution such as those employing gearless or Machine-Room Less (MRL) elevator systems, our Modernization department can replace your existing system with one that meets today's rigid safety standards, reduces your building's carbon footprint, and makes your maintenance vendor selection process more price competitive. Because no two buildings in NYC are alike, all elevator modernization projects are, by their nature, unique. So when it comes time to modernize an aging elevator system, selecting a company that has the talent, experience, and patience to do the job correctly is critical. The viability of your property investment, and your tenants' satisfaction, rests on you making the right decision.

Maintenance and Repair

Did you know the TEI Group requires all its Maintenance Mechanics to hold New York City Department of Buildings Elevator Inspector licenses? No other elevator company in New York City has made DOB licensure a fixed requirement for their field service mechanics. When problems arise with an elevator's heavy equipment - machines, motors, wire rope, sheaves, counter weights – they fall into the province of our Repair department.


In 2009, the NYC Department of Buildings instituted mandatory Category 1 and Category 5 testing of all automated conveyance systems under their jurisdiction. DOB regulations that came into effect in 2012 stated these Tests could only be performed by DOB Licensed Elevator Inspectors. By that time, TEI Group had been quietly at work for three years, preparing all its Service Technicians to sit for the Elevator Inspector licensing examination. Today, over 90% of all Service Technicians either have their license or have passed the License examination and are waiting for their license to be issued. No other elevator company in NYC can boast comparable statistics.


TEI Group's Violation's department is responsible for tracking and coordinating all mandatory Category 1 and Category 5 Testing with both our clients and their third-party witnesses. They also are charged with making sure any Category 1 deficiencies are cured on-time and the requisite Affirmation of Corrections are filed with the DOB. Our Violation's department has the knowledge and expertise to cure all types of New York City issued elevator violations. Keeping our clients up to date throughout the entire process – confirming that the violation is permanently cured and removed from the city's public records. When possible, we will even negotiate on their behalf for reduction or elimination of any fines and/or penalties.