Code and Regulatory Updates

Door and Gate Monitor

TEI installs and services code compliant door and gate monitoring systems that provide elevator passenger safety. These systems will monitor door and gate contacts and if malfunctioning will hold the elevator at the landing, thus preventing automatic operation of the car if the car door is not closed.

TEI only installs equipment that is in complete compliance with NYC Building Code requirements. TEI utilizes monitoring devices that are universal and can be used on both processor and relay logic systems.

Ensures Safety

Monitoring systems are designed with redundancy checking. No relay failure will go unnoticed. Monitoring systems reset at each landing to reevaluate door and gate switch conditions.

Typical Specifcations

• Outputs are provided by relay contacts rated at 10 amps

• Redundant components and redundancy checking assures a reliable system

• LED, audible signal and strobe light for "bypass active" indication

• Power supply operates within range of 100v to 250v AC/DC

• Monitoring systems operates within 24v to 250v AC/DC

• 1/8" thick PC board is used with 2oz copper traces and 12,000 volt insulation

• Cabinet is 18" h x 18" w

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Rope Grippers® Elevator Brakes

TEI installs and services the Hollister-Whitney Rope Gripper® Elevator Brake, which is a code compliant- unintended car movement system.

The Hollister-Whitney Rope Gripper®, was developed for the purpose of gripping elevator suspension ropes to stop an elevator in the event of a mechanical or electrical failure. It is an imperative safety device in the event an elevator overspeeds in the up direction or if the elevator leaves the oor unintended with the doors opened.

• Protects against Ascending Car Overspeed (ACO) and Unintentional Car Movement (UCM)

• Auto Reset on simple power loss

• Manual Reset required to clear actual fault

• Includes the necessary encoder

• Prevents unintentional motion with the door open caused by brake, control, or drive failure

• Also protects against descending car overspeed-less severe stop than safeties

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