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Building Congress Report Sheds New Light On City's Future Power Issues

Adam Hersh

NEW YORK, July 25, 2017 – With New York City's largest source of electricity generation marked for extinction amid a projected increase in energy demand, New York must add significant new electrical transmission and natural gas pipeline capacity, while also encouraging greater use of conservation over the next decade, according to a New York Building Congress report released today.

The report, Electricity Outlook: Powering New York City's Future, warns that while the city's electricity supply is adequate to meet present demand from homes, businesses, and public facilities throughout the five boroughs, more needs to be done to keep pace with anticipated economic and population growth and in advance of the planned closure of Indian Point Energy Center's two nuclear power plants by 2021.

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Pictured right to left: Adam Hersh, TEI Group and George Panagopoulos, Douglas Elliman