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TEI Group awarded contract with Turner Construction to install 4 elevators and modernize 1 at 601 Lexington Avenue

TEI Group awarded contract with Turner Construction Corporation to install 4 overhead machine-room-less elevators, 1 custom wheelchair lift and modernize 1 geared traction elevator at 601 Lexington Avenue.

Boston Properties will close the 601 Lexington Avenue Atrium until 2018. The property, a six-story office and retail building at the base of the 59-story building, will be emptied out as it undergoes renovations.

"We've made a decision that the end of the second quarter to take 601 Lexington Avenue's low rise building, or what's referred to as the atrium building, out of service. So we're not going to be bringing that space back online until sometime in 2018 when the new construction is done we're re-skinning that building, changing the core, adding a lobby on 53rd Street," said Douglas Linde, the company's president and director, during his firm's presentation at the Bank of Merrill Lynch Global Real Estate Brokers Conference last week.