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TEI Group welcomes Kevin Lynch into his new position as Senior Vice President Modernization & Construction, and Equity Partner

TEI Group is excited to have Kevin Lynch join the company into his new position as Senior Vice President - Modernization & Construction. Kevin is also joining the company as an Equity Partner. Principles Mark Gregorio, President, and Michael Staub, Executive VP Operations, commented that Kevin's role in the rm is just one of many steps the company is taking to ful ll its vision of being the leading expert of vertical transportation solutions; including technology, service and environmental sustainability.

Kevin brings to his new role extensive elevator experience that encompasses a complete range of industry positions: from hands-on work in new construction and modernization to executive level management.

Highlights of Kevin's early days in the industry include being the lead elevator Foreman on several prominent jobs including the 900 foot tall Trump World Tower on the east side of NYC. After transitioning into management with Serge Elevator and Fujitec, Kevin oversaw successful and pro table operations during periods of signi cant growth for those companies. Most recently, as Vice President of City Elevator, he helped grow that independent elevator company's market share and expand its capabilities.

In his new role at TEI, Kevin will have overall responsibility for the performance of the Modernization and Construction Department, including both its Engineering and Field Operations components.

Bringing Kevin aboard is the nal step, following the planned retirement of John Fichera, in the assembly of a great new leadership team to complement our already strong personnel group. Stay tuned for more exciting announcements coming over the next few weeks.